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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
I have not weighed pellets really for several year Chris. I am still unsure if sizing does mean the pellets drift slightly more in the wind so will test unsized for a week or two.
certainly Sizing the express made for tighter groups and thus more hits
ive never sized mine the groups i used to get out the steyr were wicked,id stopped weighing pellets long time ago,never made any difference etc,tryed lude groups never got any better that 5 pence etc,my old cr aint shot it properly for 3 years brought a tin of jsb exacts and the bloody thing grouped at 55 yards to 5 pence,i think alot of it is down to getting good batches old lad
cr 97 in jim vickers ft stock bsa big 60 scope, and silly about of hunting guns
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