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1. In general, especially in FT shooting, where we do the required correction of LOS within our scope (i.e. adjusting turrets or holding over with certain mildots), the canting error is totally independent from the scope height, higher scopes are NOT more sensitive to canting angle than low ones.

2. If we do the correction outside the scope (i.e. we have zeroed the rifle at a given distance and then shoot at another target with a holdover which is measured at the target), the canting error can be different – more or less – with the higher scopes. It will be more if the new range is greater than the zero range and less if it's shorter.

Considering that we are allowed to use bubble levels on our rifles so canting is not a real aspect for us, I say that we can rise the scope as high as we want to, it will mean no disadvantages with canting. The more important point is that even those who have lower scopes have to pay the same attention to levelling the rifle because their canting error is the same as the others' with high scopes.
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