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Default High scope and canting - the end of an ancient myth


I've heard many times from old shooters that 'the high scope isn't good because it's much more sensitive to canting' – does it sound familiar? It seems to be logical at first glance – but not anymore when one investigates it a bit more thoroughly.

I started to deal with this topic back in 2007 when I was shooting with a 6 ft-lb rifle and used a rather high scope (we used to shoot up to 50 metres even with the low-powered rifles). I was told then that 'oh boy, you're gonna suck with this high mount and miss even with the slightest cant, because high scopes are more sensitive to canting errors, all riflemen advise to set the scope as low as you can.'


The whole article can be read in my blog:


This is the final result of the test, see the shots merged on one drawing. It speaks for itself.

My conclusion is that the scope height has NO effect on canting error so watch the bubble my dear friends even with the lowest scope because it's equally important with any scope height.
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