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Originally Posted by Kingplinker View Post

The problem here ( as rightly pointed out by a Mr Doe ) is that if you can turn it down you can also turn it up . Thats the sad truth .

The truth is that there hasn't been an airgun made that if you were determined enough you couldn't raise the power.

The SAD truth is that instead of using the raft of existing legislation available the Government gives the nod to these type of offences.

AT does nothing to stop someone increasing the power of a PCP. What it does do is, if removed absolves the manufacturer of any responsibility for Warranty, so a gain there. If left on, an opportunity to charge you more for work done.

Why has no manufacturer told their customers about AT ?

Why has no manufacturer told their customers what their rights are in relation to power resetting, and how long for ?

Can't be much of a secret as Google knows all about it

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