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QUOTE=stillwater;83237Andy Wilkinson
Grego Hensman
Simon Howarth
Simon Harrison
Peter Minchin
Michelle Pullen
Dave Goldsberry
Peter Foote
Simon Foote
Tom Morgans
Chris Coombes
Paul Brittain
Mick Boswell
Dave Hunter
Ian Hunter
Andy Mac
James Mac
Alan Meadows
Lee Meadows (would be great to shoot a round with Simon "Tench" Howarth)
Chris Morton
John Olroyd
Bert Tate
Mike Everson
Jon Roper
Tom Roper
Paul Spencer
Mike Slatcher
Tom fielder
Kim fielder
Phil Jones
Hamish Woodcutler
Paul Johnson
Chris Cundey
Mark Crossland
Ian Tredwell
Darrin Lynn
Paul Andrews
Bruce Marshall
Andrea Marshall
Ant Marshall
Session 2
Greg Hensman
Ryan Charlton
Paul Wiles
Joshua Wiles
Wayne Marriott
Ricky Moppett
Tye Forde
Paddy Egan
Lloyd Grove
Evan Grove
Matt Furlong
Rob Mobley
Mark Thompson
Kathy Thompson
Steve Cartledge
Duane Grace
Mandy Grace
Thomas Grace
Mick Mctighe
Nigel Smith
Ken Gould
Pete Dunn
Bob Clay
Steve Whiting
Tony Lamsdale
Steve Liddemore
Tom Nelson
Pete Cox
Alex Larkin
Gary Chillingworth[/QUOTE]
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