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I fear this is going to be a vicious circle with HFT.

It's not olympic shooting with set positionals. It's not shot on a flat surface against targets of a set distance and height.

Course setters are always looking for some way to make the targets very difficult. So shooters will improvise and invent ways of shooting different types of targets. Then people will ask if this is acceptable and that is acceptable.

The officials will have to rule on certain improvisations ( kneeling has recently been tweaked ). Dutto has said many times that you can't have rules to cover every possible situation and who wants a rule book 1 foot thick? Perfectly good point.

It's virtually impossible ( without making it very bland ) to make every target perfectly equal for every age, shape and size of shooter. The dwarfs have suffered in recent years with the high up the peg prones ... maybe they have gained elsewhere? I shot a UKAHFT shoot where you had to get high on the peg and it was labelled prone only. No way could I get at the kill zone. The 2 blokes I was shooting with thought it was the easiest target on the course. I ended up deliberately shooting it in it's head and took a 1. Maybe that issue has been dealt with now.

'be interesting see what other tactics pop up this year.

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