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TBH firstly the TX is all about consistancy and more importantly accuracy. For the sake of half a mil @ 45 is it worth the trying to achieve 11 - 11.5 and potentially making the gun shoot poop.

I bought my TX brand new in Jan this year. After a 1000 or so pellets it still struggled to achieve 10lb average was around 9.5lb using a weighed JSB Exact. After striping it back I found no grease and what was there I wouldn't use on my 3yr olds bike chain. Most people will say V-Mach, Maccari etc etc and it'll be happy days. The first thing I would do is strip it back and see whats under the hood. Put a few quid towards a decent grease and I used tar on my spring which works well and I'm shocked. Peace of pie to strip I can now do mine blind folded.

There are plenty of guides around on the internet and I'll PM you the one I used aswell as the information I've made notes on. I've been told over and over again by our friends in the states and on the AAOC that 10.5 using a 8.4 grain is the sweet spot. I've intially set mine @ 10.2 bearing in mind that the piston seal will have to rebed in. So far after 100 shots the FPS spread are easily in PCP territory oh and doesn't smell like an old beat up land rover with diesel fumes.


AATX200 .177

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