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Default Thanks Rivi - Hollins Green

Dear All,

Just a quick note to also thank Woki, Dave, Rammy, Ray and all at Rivi and Hollins Green for putting on the shoot and for their hospitality.
Even the Extreme weather could not put a dampener on the procedings and we all had a very enjoyable day.

Well done to the record number of 39 Scottish Shooters to attend an HFT Shoot in England,
with 37 on the SARPA Bus and special thanks to Steve and Bob from Tayside for making the journey by car.
Thanks to SARPA for subsidising the coach and well done to Marc Elder on winning the
SARPA Indoor Moving Bus Pistol Competition with David Robertson 2nd and Andy Lambie 3rd.

Thanks to Woki for posting the scores up so quickly.
Well done Steve Cochrane on being Top Scot on the day with a great 51.
and also to Rob Mcnee for having the Top "Oddball" Score of the day whilst shooting in .22 Class
(at least we beat the English at something)

The overall England v Scotland HFT Challenge was decided by the top 20 Scores from each Nation.
England HFT 1005 points
Scotland HFT 885 points
We congratulate Team England on their Victory, and thank the Scots for putting up a great effort despite being outnumbered 2-1.

Congratulations to James McLachlan of Rivington Rifles on Winning the 2012 Winter Gauntlet Series Overall.
(surely he must be Scottish!!!!)

Finally thanks to Graham Easton and Susan King for all their help with the arranging of this trip.

Yours in Sport

Ian Horne
SARPA FT/HFT Match Secretary
Daystate Grand Prix – Big Nikko
Daystate MK4 Platinum – EB Sniper
Daystate MK4 Sporter – MTC Viper
Daystate Huntsman – MTC Viper


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