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Thumbs up Winter Gauntlet R6 Rivi - (Hollins) 4/3/2012 - Scores

The final round of what's been a superb series in terms of support from the shooters, a great sporting atmosphere, exceptional standard of course building, assisted by what has been some of the most challenging weather conditions to compete in.

Well done to all involved for making the series what it has grown into - superb.

It was great to play host to our Scottish friends again, a quote which summed the day up nicely was "this place is like the English version of Quarry for that wind"

Honours for the day go jointly to Steve Goacher, Dave Benyon and James McLachlan for the prized Red Badge. Top Junior was Sam Oultram, With Scotlands Rob McNee taking the honour of top Oddball.
Congrats to James on taking the overall series, nicely done mate.

Name Club Score
Steve Goacher FM 53
James McLachlan RR 53
Dave Benyon RR 53
Ian Whiteside OL 52
John Oldroyd RR 52
Sam Oultram RR 52
Elliot Compton MAD 51
Jim Harney OL 51
Craig Rochell CL 50
Matthew Foster FO 50
Bruno Aiello OL 50
Chris Morton RR 50
Geoff Watkinson RR 50
Ian Unsworth RR 50
Dave Ramshead RR 49
Rick Ardern HG 48
Phillip Mykytiuk RO 48
Mark Wilson 48
Chris Baker 48
Paul Livesey OL 47
Andy Wilson RR 47
Roger Arnold FM 46
Bill Jones FO 46
Emily Clark FO 46
Alan Foster FO 46
Andy Stevenson FO 46
Phil Kelly OL 46
Karyn McFarlane RR 46
Steve Oultram RR 46
Andy Jones RR 46
Paul Thelwell FO 45
Matt Brookes OL 45
Steve Taylor RR 45
Phil Sharples RR 45
Scott Clark FO 43
Nigel Smith HG 43
Chris Tucker RR 43
Andy McLachlan RR 43
Barry Sayer BL 42
Dave Duncan CH 42
Tommy Russell FM 42
John Sawrey FM 42
Matthew Lockett OL 42
Steve Mcfarlane RR 42
Ian Lockett OL 41
Harry Compton MAD 40
Adam Green 40
Peter Bently FM 39
Mikey Heathcote HG 39
John Morgan OL 39
Stephen Wardle RO 39
Ray Ross RR 39
Tim Backhouse TV 39
Lee Meadows RR 38
John Sayer BL 36
Connor Ford HG 36
Anthony Hopkins 36
Steven Adshead RO 33
Connor Abernthy FM 31
Matthew Adshead RO 25

Steve Cochrane Scotland 51
Ian Horne Scotland 49
Greg Morss Scotland 48
David Robertson Scotland 47
Marc Elder Scotland 46
Eddie Carlin Scotland 46
Bob Sommers Scotland 45
Daryl Lewis Scotland 45
Lee McNab Scotland 44
Ian Thomson Scotland 44
Graeme Ross Scotland 44
Rob McNee Scotland 44
Andy Humphrey Scotland 43
Graham Easton Scotland 43
Richard Murray Scotland 43
David Kay Scotland 43
Phil Godwin Scotland 41
Graham livingstone Scotland 41
Jason Williams Scotland 39
Susan King Scotland 39
Ian Carlin Scotland 39
Alan Griffen Scotland 39
Andy Rosie Scotland 39
George Crawford Scotland 39
Wullie Johanessen Scotland 38
Billy Kerr Scotland 38
Sandy McNab Scotland 36
Nicola Carlin Scotland 36
Adam Drysdale Scotland 35
Neil Ross Scotland 34
Brian Fitzimmons Scotland 34
Hogan Kerr Scotland 33
Jimmy Watson Scotland 30
Steve Scadlock Scotland 27
Jamie Macdonald Scotland 17

England Top 20 Score

Scotland Top 20 Score

Following score corrections applied, all mistotalled
Rick Ardern 49>48
Anthony Hopkins 37>36
Andy McLachlan 44>43
John Sayer 35>36

score tab on updated
BASC Team England HFT 2010,11,12,13,14,15,16 &17

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