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Originally Posted by foxabilo View Post
I do not want to spend more than 50 on safety eyewaere , can anyone recommend safety glasses that DONT have 2mm parralex error?

I guess the thickness of the lenses affects it as light bends in glass/perspect @ different speeds, whatever, so the thinner the better, but I want eye protection against a .22 off someone's tire wall as an accident.

Call me a tight *** or whatever, you want my mates back from Iran with a missing EYE's will give you a different story.

Why would you shoot anyone's tyre sidewall, it's really bad practice. Keep an eye on your back stop.

Originally Posted by foxabilo View Post
What would you recommend for a 20/20 user?
I dont wear anything over my eyes with airguns. If I was going to wear safety specs I'd have Oakleys, but that's all I put in front of my eyes anyway.
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