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Originally Posted by foxabilo View Post
Safety Glasses.

We all know we "should" wear them around air weapons, but I have just gotten some "OHH" so stylish CAT plain safety specs, and I noticed that if I quickly move the lenses over my eyes and then off again , sort of on/off style the Image moved 1-2mm UP with the glasses on.

Will this effect carry on through my scope and give me 1-2mm parralax error while wearing them?

Any glasses wearers notice anything?

Unfortunately thats the problem with safety specs, they are very rarely optically perfect & the image often moves or curves slightly as you move you head.

If you need safety specs for air weapons you'd be better using a pair of clear or yellow sunglasses, I often us the Bloc Stealth wraps as you can interchange between clear, yellow or dark lenses. Personally I don't wear them to take the shot though, only between lanes to keep the wind & sun off my eyes.
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