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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
top day at Harries.

Cant say there was no wind as were late arriving 10.45 and last on the course. Certainly was out of kill on the longer ones over the ponds and woods.
Mostley left edge or half inch out of kill depending on breeze and distance over the ponds.
Only miised when being heckled by Mr.Fake.
missed a 40m target where i switched off and went middle instaed of right edge, wind in the wooded section having switched to Right -Left.
Missed a 45 m one where i went 3 edge which again was my fault for switching off and not thinking about the shot. of course should have gone half inch out.

still, nailed the last long one, made it 55yards and some thaught it was hard lol.

Think I made Mr. F's day by not beating him and that you see is me, always trying to help folks less fortunate than myslef.

was outstanding.

Roll on the Gp's.
Si have noticed why you are missing odd targets, the ones you shoot in metres you miss the ones in yards you hit just stick to yards (your own)
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