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Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
Andras, your slightly confused. Its not all Welsh people that are connected to sheep, no, its only
njr100! Yes its rumoured that not only does he enjoy missing a lot of targets with his ev2 he also enjoys a close bond with sheep. Its true he`s had many intermate relationships with the male and female sheep close to his rural village in the Valleys. At one time when he was 30 back in 1965 he was in a double act with a ewe sheep that went under the name 'Budda and BaaaaBra'. Unfortunately, it had to be stopped by a local vet as it was felt it had become too lude an act for public viewing. BaaaaBra had to be shot! Not by njr100 because he would have missed. he had her stuffed and had years of fun with her I can tell ewe. Quite soon after that he took up photography. I dont no if you`ve noticed Andras but he does tend to stick the camera in some odd places to get his shot of you, especially when you dont want him too. Yes, you`ve noticed? Odd behaviour I know but it all stems from his obsession with taking obscene photo`:s of? yes, you`ve guessed it, sheep! Hope your clear about it now Andras...Ba, means no Simon!
Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
Thats a very sad story, poor old BaaaaBra,
I'm sure it was published in one of the Air Gun comics back in 1972 that he was engaged to BaaaaBra ?
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