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I would also like to add my thanks to all who organised the events cunningly to avoid any rain (at least for the ones I managed to attend). For my own part it has been a journey back from post-op recovery (well 2 of them) and I am very grateful to all those in CSFTA who were patient while I struggled to get up ( and down) sometimes. Felt like an insect on my back at times, needing a gentle kick to roll me over :-)

Despite some silly mistakes I managed to shoot my grade and experiment with different setups. I intend to give the Showdown a go but have my doubts about the 1 minute, however I will at least get to shoot 2 courses :-).

I will attempt the GPs (some) just to see if I can get round 25 lanes but I may have to seek perms to leave the course for a loo-run (waddle) if the innards get the upper hand hahaha. Kind of affects concentration!

Great bunch of folk and I enjoyed myself.

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