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Originally Posted by Jamesy View Post
Just five minutes ago had the phone call, "We've had a cancellation, can you come in tomorrow for surgery?" Sod's law or what? I'm booked in for a tat on Saturday and me and Di were hoping to go up to the lakes on Sunday too.. we've all got a dentist appointment booked for tomorrow, i've ordered a part for the Lotus to be collected Thursday, and add to that lot i'm trying to sort buying a scope off one of the S.A lads and arrange to collect and pay for it.
But you can't put your life on hold while waiting for the phone call, it might not have even been next month for all i know. Hey ho, better sooner rather than later though.
Good stuff. In quicker, out quicker, shooting quicker. The rest is just scenery.

Get Tool to wander over with a drill bit while you're passed out, save a trip to the dentist.
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