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to be honest, i only switched to mozzies after i bought a test tin and they grouped better than a batch of JSB's i had. I then bought a tube, then another bigger batch as they became harder to source and i was shooting so many, and i've just stuck with them through thick and thin. JSB's at the time were harder for me to get hold of...

They probably do fly fairly close to JSB's... cross testing between a steyr and a dommy between me and rich one day and our goups were about the same in the wind... and the trajectory wasn't really that far off (seems to vary between guns... some it's the same, some it's not)...

I can wind them up to around 800, where as I used to run JSB's at around 775-80... but really 20 fps makes naff all difference to wind... it's more a magic feather for your head in my opinion... and if that works, work with it. I did for a long time.

It seems all pellets go through their ups and downs... i've stuck with the mozzies when i've known that the JSB's would outgroup them from the tin... but I think despite the small differences, knowing i've shot with the same ammo for a few years has given me confidence in my windage instint with them.
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