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Originally Posted by Jamesy View Post
Looks like the five extra places we were allocated above the eight for the team might be extended to include more places Scott, that's the way i read it, so it could be a case of a "Free for all" depending on the number of places we do get offered and the number of folk wanting to go at the time...
'Spose Rob will be back with the facts and figures.
I still want to go and i'm prepared to wait and see what happens nearer the end of March when the registration is decided, if i get a place then great.. if not, there's always next year.
That's basically it.

It looks like we could have more places than we thought, but we won't know until 31st March (which is Day 2 of our selection), which coincides with their date, after which it's a free for all.

So in essense it changes nothing. If you fancy going, come see if you qualify, and we'll then pass on the list and see how many more places we can get that night. After that date, if you haven't qualified, you're free to take any free places offered by Norway... if there are any.
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