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If you are going, or know someone who is going then ;

a) I should know about it ! Make sure I do.

b) You need to check your club's insurance.

If you are insured by the BFTA insurance then you are covered, but you might like to contact the BFTA chairman/insurance officer to clarify what you are insured for and how much.

If you are not insured by the BFTA, ie your club is insured by the NSRA, NRA etc. then you need to find out if your insurance covers you and what for and how much.

It might be that BASC insurance covers you for the event, but this is again something you will need to look into.

In either case, you also should be aware that normal travel insurance probably won't cover you for a non shooting related injury that occurs at the venue. Ie, if you fall over and break a leg and require medical care and attention etc. your travel insurance may not consider you eligable for cover whilst at a shooting event. (in the same way as you wouldn't be covered for breaking a leg whilst skiing).

To re-iterate, just because you have a BFTA card does not mean you are covered for this event and BFTA Insured persons will be only be covered at and during the competition. No cover for travelling what so ever, I would expect this to mean to and from the shooting site as well as to and from SA.

The problem that SAFTAA have is that they are not shooting on a designated range, and thus their normal avenues of insurance may not be applicable.

If you can do some investigation work on your own behalf, I will update with any other resolutions and info as they arise.
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