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Originally Posted by rich View Post
One way to imagine this is to pretend you are taking a 25 metre stander; your wobble takes you in and out of the kill zone, let's say in extremis you wobble one kill out to the left and one kill out to the right. Total width of wobble ie., change in POA, is 120mm. You wobble at the rate of two complete wobble cycles per second, which is not a bad guess.

At the end of each wobble, when you start to wobble back the other way, momentarily you are stable but aimng at the wrong place. At the other end of the wobble, before you come back again, you are also stationary but aiming off. So these two zeroes mean the maximum speed of wobble is twice the average speed, and this is the speed at which you transit the kill zone, which works out to be 960mm per second. That can be translated to 0.96mm per millisecond. So an extra 2 milliseconds in the barrel equates to an extra 1.92mm of wander, in this very simplistic analysis.
Another simplistic analysis
If you wobble in more of a poor figure 8 then you maintain a reasonably constant wobble speed equating to half that distance of wander for the same time.
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