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Default Old face is back

Darren Petts
Back with Redfearns. I had to pack in a few years back due to a divorce and me having the kids. They're a bit more grown up now and getting away doesn't involve uprooting them any more so I'm able to work my way back in. It'll still be a while before I can leave them at will and shoot whenever I want but it's getting easier as time passes. I've definitely missed the scene and this board has grown considerably since I last partook of the sport. I'm hoping to do the NEFTA hunters this year and have acquired Chris Cundey's old GML action for the task with yet another of my "interesting" stocks (ok it's a severely bodged AGS pcr1 jobbie that was a tenner off ebay). Shooting at the club today has confirmed I've a lot to relearn about reading the wind!
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