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Originally Posted by kieran turner View Post
Cheers for the rapid response Rob, so here comes another dumb question. The pre load washers, I was always under the impression they went at the back of the spring? Now reading your reply it seems they go at the front with the piston?

Also for clarity just have a look at this exploded diagram HERE. Would you be able to point out which part the top hat is? I'm a tad confused (as always).

Once again many thanks Kieran
Hi Kieran

The "Top Hat" is numbered PSW 004/5/6 and fits (screws) into the piston side of the Spring, into the three "dead" coils on the MKl & Mkll spring.

There is a thick steel washer that is listed PSW 003 that will lift your power too, Air Arms told me that it was a "running in" spacer, and was removed if the gun went over power

The hardened steel spacers that I use as preload spacers are listed as W093 on the TX 200 Mk lll

The hardened steel spacers can be fitted at either end of the spring, I would normaly fit at least 1 at the spring guide end to aid with wear, but they will also fit inside the piston, infront of the top hat, for setting the power if you want.

I get the nylon washers from Jeff Skinner (Redfearns) - they are the same as a regular washer but made out of nylon, and these will only fit in the piston side as they wont go over the spring guide..

I believe that the V mach kits instruct fitting their preload washers infront of the spring, inside the piston too..

Hope this helps

AA TX 200 ... various guises

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