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Originally Posted by kieran turner View Post
Ok here's a little update. Stripped the rifle again and replaced the breech seals, had another look at all the other parts and there doesn't seem to be anything that raises any eye brows.

Re-assembled the rifle and chronoed it, muzzle velocity with mozzies 751-761 fps, JSB exacts 754-764 fps and Daystates about the same. So consistency has returned, so I decided to put some range time in in the fading light.

Well it doesn't seem to like the Exacts anymore but seems to favour the mozzies by quiete a margin. So seen as I'm basically 40fps shy of what I'd like to run with the mozzies anyone got any suggestions on how to increase the muzzle velocity. I don't want to go down the new spring route but if anyones got some good experiences of custom springs them maybe i will.

So I think i'm looking at the pre washer option, so whats your opinions on this? If this is the route to go down anyone got any idea where to get some from?

Once again thanks in advance K
Hi Keiran,

I use nylon washers, fitted inside the piston, infront of the spring and tophat, this gives around 10 fps per washer.

I also use the hardened steel ring as supplied to fit between the spring and spring guide, again this gives around 10 fps per ring.
The rings can also be fitted in place of the nylon washers if necessary.

You can get the steel rings from Aie Arms or Chambers gunmakers online.


AA TX 200 ... various guises

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