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Default AA TX200 MK1....... help/advice

Ok gents recently purchased a pretty mega mk1 TX dressed in a gin B stock and everything seemed fine and then all of a sudden I couldn't hit **** all! So I just dismissed it and thought it was me not been able to master the art of springer.

Anyway after more time on the range, I concluded something was a miss (not just me). Shots going everywhere. But some would group togethe, occasionally.

So to the chrono. Well when I last chronoed it, it was 781 fps with JSB 8.44, now it's doing between 691-735

I've just stripped it and what i've found is....

On the piston the (excuse lack of correct naming of parts) the front main seal (green) feels a bit hard and brittle, also some signs of wear. The piston head looks fine, the spring looks fine too. But on the piston the two seals (black) that sit in recess' on the piston both have nicks in them. So i'm presuming that this is the cause of my dramas. The shaft of the piston shows signs of rust but I can't see how that would cause my dramas as the shaft dosn't come into contact with the spring guide. Well unless anyone knows other wise?

Now seen as it's safe to presume the above is fubar, well the seals anyway. It's also safe to presume that it's been quiete a while since the rifles been given an over haul. so it got me thinking (very dangerous i know).

I'd like to short stroke my TX obviously as I'm going to need new parts I might aswell try something new. So anybody know what i need to do this? Or more to the point anybody on here know where to aquire the parts to do it?

Or if anyones got any other advise i'd appreciate it, I'm pretty certain I've got a mk1 piston as it's quiete large in comparison to the mk3 ones I've seen. Anyone got experience of V mach kits?

So over to you good people of STB.....

Cheers K
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