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There's probably 2 camps... shooters who want a reasonable priced pellet for something that performs reasonably well... and shooters who want an accurate pellet who will probably pay for that performance.

Thing is, that JSB's fit both camps pretty well, being relatively cheap (as per BAR's prices) and a good performer. Same as hobbys for 10m...

For 10m I like R10, but Rich likes the JSB flatheads... the club likes the Match range... I like mozzies for FT, many like JSB, and while batch consistency is a concern, it's normally because they want groups to be like the best batches, which are fingernail at 55 straight from the tin... that's a pretty high standard considering matched .22 LR ammo can often fail to do that at 40yds (albeit over 40 shots)

I wouldn't like to be shooting a .22 air rifle these days, the price of those is astonishing...

Thing is, everyone knows that on a sales chain there's often a 100% mark up (or 30% at each stage) and that goods are priced for the market, not what they should cost.

Nice thing about AG shooting is that everyone is willing to share news of a deal... word of mouth is a powerful sales tool.
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