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Originally Posted by clubshot View Post
Not my prices

But rising cost of overseas import's does make UK Made pellets more viable

Funny how Shooters believe they are being ripped off by Dealers
Yet more Dealers are going under or reducing Stock

Chris - brought in a fair Selection of Pellets - When restocking
the Shop

But many walk out with Defiants as @ 13.00 per Box
Offer Shooters good Value @ 1,000 in 7.50 .177 Grains
And 650 in 14.00 Grains in .22

Bob, in .177 thats 6.50 a tin. which is a load more than I've paid for JSB's this year! Even with higher energy/staffing/production costs in the UK thats a fair margin coming straight from the manufacturer as opposed to an importer, see me about the former now I'm back at work

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