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Default Kneeling / crouching

I've just looked at the UKAHFT rules for 2012.

Re kneeling ( I know there's been so much talk about kneeling so sorry ).

If one of the Petes could answer this please as everyone else's comments are welcome but it's only official UKAHFT comment that really means a hoot.

I see that this is now added ...

NOTE: The leading leg cannot be pulled back so the calf is supported by the hamstrings or lower buttocks, this is classed as a crouching shot & is not allowed. The leading foot must not touch or be supported by the beanbag.

When was this added please?

I've looked at the pics from some of the events and there are some interesting kneelers.

I'm a dwarf with tiny legs and a long back so a standard kneeling stance causes me problems. My head ends up way too high. So I end up lowering my buttocks a little lower than most to line up the eye. This naturally tends to mean that the front ( left leg ... I'm right handed ) leg tends to be more 'folded' at the knee. It's also natural then that the calf and hamstring make contact.

I've found this pic from a Midland's shoot. I don't know the chap in the pic and I don't know how tall he is, so this is nothing to do with him ... it's just an example.


That looks a perfectly good kneeling position to me ... but his calf is being supported by his hamstring.

Is this ok Petes?

Many thanks


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