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Default 40 shot Gp course

First time to Buckley wood today.

rd 1 2012 Swefta league

Nice set up and location, good food but i dont like benches for Zero range, prefere to sit on the bag. I could not get the Ev2 in the right position but a couple of shots at 25 m & 50 m seemed to show all was ok.

As there was a que on the Ft my shooting partner for the day, Amanda Smith took me through the Hft course first. Took them all kneeling again just for some practice but think iether the Njr has a reg problem (unlikley) or the lucky dip bag of pellets needs sorting !
Where those falcon i had left.
55 yards on 9 mag seems along way away though!


anyway, the main. Tony fouracres had warned me about the strange wind at buckley, but he had not realised he was talking to a thickie!

This is what the "straight" shooting line puts in front of you.

Out to 35 m or so (where the grass ends) and its normal practice. Did not miss any of the shorter mini kills.

But at 40 + m targets are on the sloping bank.
I prsume there is a small stream in the gully but the real "problem" at buckley is the wind that comes down the field (Quad bikes passing occasionally) piles over the top of the bank and pushes pellets down, but only on the shorter range (40 -45 m) tartgets.
The 47 +50 m targets are uneffected by the downforce, though L - R wind was in play at times.

There were alot of long targets today, most under 40m were disaplines or mini kills. good Gp practise this!

How do you miss? (es)

Easily when you dont know whats going on, being thickie! lol.

Target 1 was long, think it was 45 m.
Thaught as this was first "test" competion with Priest, no 1 luep and 8.4 Exacts I would be brave. Came out a full kill right of 3 oclock only to see the pellet strike edge.
Probably could have gone inside 3 edge and took it down.

all was ok to target 6 including the first of two 40m Kneelers on the course! Target 6 dialed in at 50m so i gave it 49m and as the wind had seemingly dropped switched off and went straight for the middle.
The pellet lifted high, maybe 1/4 inch above top of kill and went about 1 inch left of Left edge.
A fair mile from where it should have gone given the conditions?
Despite the pellets being sized to 4.52 i put it down to a duff pellet as the miss was so far away it was bemusing.

no 10 was a wobble that pushed the pellet onto 9 edge, having spent to long thinking about the shot as the wind was now flicking R -L and L -r, then seemingly dropping to nothing!

Target 11 was the first of the low shots. Not that far a target (40m?) and got the R - L wind spot on, only to see the pellet strike very low. about inch below 6!
At such a short range it started the doughts

Target 13 went straight but low, dropping about half inch and clipping 5 edge having aimed inside 3.

T 15 was along one that i did not give enough wind to, but again pellet landed on edge so close!

Having hit target 17 at 50m, to see target 18 at 40 / 45m strike low fryed me.
I was now convinced Priest does not like Exacts and was thinking it was a good job i have not sold All the Express lol

Missing target 20 meant i was 12 Ex 20. at this Point i was thinking I better make sure I have a crisp 10 notes ready for Farcoley and my GP burger bil would mean selling one of EV to pay Ronald McD

Having missed 22 I did then do a honest crap shot on the short Stander (25m) and pulled 11 edge. Did not even bother to re-parallex for the 30m stander but just floored it, somewhat in anger and bemusement lol

I double dinked lane 15 by not giving the 50 m one enough wind and then watched the 45m "short" one strike low again.
Now really wishing I had REV with me

At this point i heard Steve Franklin talking about how the wind was pushing the pellets down on the targets near the bottom of the bank, ie the shorter 40 / 45 m ones.

so, as i had just sat and ranged target 31 to be 40m, i left the dialing settings on 45m from target 30, gave inside 3 edge and watched the pellet sail 3/4 of the way across the kill, but not dropping at all.

so, with some local knowlage now in hand it was dig deep and make something of the day. Very pleased to nail the last 10, giving 2.5 - 5 m extra on the "shorter ones and nailed the other 40 m kneeler and the 40 m stander.

So, came off happier than i was at half way and i can honestly say i have never shot a course as hard to to work out as this, at least on a first visit.
Felt really confident after nailing the last 10 in a row and am sure 30 + would be on the card next time.

Not sure if Priest will be no 1 gun after today for 2012, think no 1 Luep may come off it and go onto Rev . A side by side test at tondu wilkl be needed this week weather permitting?

REV has a better trigger set up and shot the exacts very well last week.

Tough last Lane. T30 = 50 m and i gave it more R -L wind than any other, being one of those wide Rat targets i put the cross hair on its arse so about 1+1/2 kills off 3 edge. Down it went

T40 was another 40m down the bottom of the bank but gave it 45 m settings, inside 3 edge and again watched pellet at perfect height move 3/4 way across kill.

Happy end to a rubish score lol. Lessons learnt though

Thanks to Amanda Smith for the company, some great shooting early on until dragged her down to my level, we both finished on 28 ex 40. top was 33 with two on 29, though one of thiose was A class so somehow took 3rd in AA.

BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

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