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Default The Burger King ?

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
It was Dowry, and you have to admit i was polite. did not even have a camera.

i`ll just nip over to farcoley website and check the mfta winter scores at dowry hill.

a short time later.......

oh, that explians it.

no, 10 will be fine thanks as even i would have trouble eating more than 10 of free food at Farcoley.

Of course, the contest will be over by then but I am thinking it will take a while, something like it does with holly, to prise the Dosh out of your tight grasp

ok, so you dont want targets hit which is what its about cause you know I will have pulled more up than you.

Gp position at the end of the season it is then.

Although i cannot do all the GPs this year , i hope we are still on for a burger for top score for each ??? HOLLY
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