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If you try anybody else's rifle on a zero range for a few shots, a lot of things are different: you don't know the energy and pellet type, different stock, different silencer or air stripper etc. And there are a lot of information which push you to either direction: you can hear the sound, feel the vibrations, feel the trigger weight, see the barrel length, know that the particular rifle is known as a quick or slow rifle - and finally say to the owner: well, this feels somehow really faster... I think we do cheat ourselves on these occasions, not intentionally but usually, though.

So yes Conor, in my opinion if you fired 5 different rifles with closed eyes (supposed all are built in the same stock, with same air stripper, same energy and pellet etc.) then you wouldn't be able to say which one is the quickest.

I bet that if a rifle has a heavier trigger weight then we would feel it slower, simply because it needs more time until it fires with our usual trigger technique. And I haven't even mentioned the different pellet types, different energies etc.
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