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Originally Posted by JEV View Post
Lane booking for WL9 Purley Chase:


PM 11.15 Shooter 1 Shooter 2 Shooter 3
Lane 1 Jim Vickers 20471 Chris Lee Alan King
Lane 2 Jackie Marshal Lee Marshal Shaun Shore
Lane 3 Jon Harris Danny Web Roger Dyson
Lane 4 P Osbourne P Rowley Andy Gough
Lane 5 H Osbourne Graeme Fisher Shaun Shore
Lane 6 D Harison Dean Burfoot 21095 Jim Gibney
Lane 7 James Osbourne Peter Jacob Matt Osbourne
Lane 8 N Hart Mick Prescott Steve Fiddler 21596
Lane 9 D Tomes M Tomes J Cox
Lane 10 P Riches W Baskeyfield
Lane 11
Lane 12
Lane 13
Lane 14
Lane 15

!5 places left for those who turn up on the day.
Jim - wouldn't it make sense to spread the shooters in the second session to 2 per lane for now and then put any people who turn up onto the lanes?

If only 2 more turn up you will have a full session with 2 per lane and the second session will finish quicker / flow better.

Just a thought

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