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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Hmm. It seems a lot to me.

Try that hot swapping and see what happens. Don't adjust the gun, just set it up for one person, then get the other to shoot it at the same bit of paper and see what happens.
Looks like we will be doing that, we had been doing very similar as he established settings which he shot and proved, then i tried them only to shoot high...

Originally Posted by neilL View Post
Well it could be cant but that must be huge to make quite that much difference and pretty obvious. Use a spirit level?

Trigger action? If there is a slight upwards motion on release then that would throw it higher. You could test that by taking turns holding and pointing but with the other guy releasing the shot via a cotton thread tied round the trigger?

Only other thing that comes to mind is that your friend is winding you up something rotten and aiming off :-) Surely not!

Dont think he was Cant was carefully avoinded by spirit level. May try your experiment with the cotton on the trigger. Many thanks

Originally Posted by RobF View Post
It's not the breech opening is it due to the pellet being loaded different or it closed different?
Breech looks good, rifle only serviced 2 months ago, feels like it closes nice and solidly but not too much so, same pellets.

Originally Posted by villiers View Post
Are the two shooters the same size/ build are you adjusting the cheek piece to be behind the scope with out forcing your self into a unnatural position.?
You may be on to something there, rifle is nominally set up for me (not saying it is perfect but close) As for other shooter physicly quite different, tall and thinish as opposed to be not so tall and not so thin
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