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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
all the modern rifles i have shot (walther, Ev2, styer etc) feel quick to shoot. Pellet is striking the target almost instantly it seems.
Shooting at a 15 yds target with Exacts, with the same energy, with an electronic Daystate and a springer, the pellet spends 3 / 12 ms in the rifle, 60 ms in the air and 43 ms more until you can hear the sound, the overall time is 106 vs. 115 ms. I don't believe that anybody can recognise this little difference, maybe except a professional drummer or sound engineer. And if you shoot at longer distances, the difference is even smaller, at 55 yds already 401 vs. 410 ms.

There is maximum 3 ms difference between the modern rifles. You can experience the same 3 ms diff in the overall time if you step with only 0.5 ft closer to the target...
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