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Originally Posted by Matt View Post

The test is interesting but I do have questions with regards the results between the Ripley and Ev2 - many perceive the Ripley to be faster than the EV2 but yet the results do not bear this out?

That's what i've always said. From looking at the data, it concurs with data i've seen, ie the lock time is in the order of single ms figures. Given that's 300x faster than the average human reaction time, it's not something I can say someone will be able to detect.

Personally I think what people feel is actually action vibration, and/or hammer weight/energy. Walthers have a coach bolt for a hammer and seem more 'recoily', where as other rifles have lighter/smaller hammers and feel less thumpy... the rifle i felt was the snappiest was a p70 in a wooden stock, but it was also the deadest in terms of action vibration. People assume springers are slower, which they are, but they aren't in the massive order of slowness I was thinking they would be. Perhaps their vibration adds to the slow feel... and perhaps recoil/vibration disturbing the follow through is something that makes a rifle feel slower?
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