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The chrono was always very close to the muzzle, about 10-15 cm so I took that velocity as the muzzle velocity.

Testing with different muzzle breaks wouldn't have had too much reason because neither the time what pellet spends in the rifle nor the pellet flight is really affected from them.

I measured the muzzle-microphone distances, too - I had to know it for the reflected sound's travel.

Most of the rifles had some kind of silencer or air stripper. I measured everything from the real muzzle.

Each modern PCP rifles finished in a tight range of 4.5-6.5 ms and that Ripley with Express and 11.5 ft-lb energy could have had better results - but I dont't think that anybody would be able to feel 1-2 ms difference.

Regarding the time diffs between Ripley and EV2, you've been warned not to take these results as a competition between the rifles:
So if your rifle has 0.2 ms less lock-time than your fellow shooters' then don't mock them too loudly because all these results are to be understood with 0.5 ms tolerance...
Once again, don't meditate too much over the fractions, what matters is before the comma my friends.
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