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Originally Posted by maestro View Post
The most important thing is that between what we THINK when we release the shoot and when we REALLY DO release the shot is 120 ms, which is about 20 times more than the lock-time of an average rifle. This suggests two things:
- Making huge efforts to reduce the lock time with 1-2 ms is not too effective.
- Doing follow through is damned very über mega effective.
Very nice article , glad it arrives at the same conclusions I had formed a long time ago. There was an article floating around (probably a link on here) about lock times of the euro 10m guns, and the figures concur.

The difference with different pellets suggest that harmonic dampening needs looking at carefully to see if it's actually working, or doing something else. That's something that was used as a sales tactic by one manufacturer, and as you show, the lock time changes when pellets change, so the barrel can't be in the same place at a different time.

It would be interesting for a blind test to see if people can feel the difference in 1-2 ms they think they can. It's been a bit of sales banter for ages

Follow through is probably the most overlooked part of the shooting process, but in H/FT one of the most valuable.
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