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Default Lock-time test results

As you may know, I've been testing the lock times of different rifle & pellet combinations in the last few days. My goal was to see what is the difference is between the most used rifles and a further goal to see whether this is important at all.

Let's make it clear that this is not the same lock-time as in the firearms, where lock-time means the time from the trigger release to the strike of the firing pin. Our lock-time is the total time what the pellet spends in the rifle before it leaves the muzzle. We don't give a damn when and what those small parts do inside, how piston, air, valves and pellet move - we're chasing only the total time while our movements can still affect the pellet after the shot release.


The whole article can be read in my blog:


What does this all mean for us?

I know that all these tests represent only my reaction time but there are younger and older shooters in the scene so we can take my results as a good average and draw some general conclusions:
- Rifles shoot much faster than we believe,
- We shoot much slower than we believe.

The most important thing is that between what we THINK when we release the shoot and when we REALLY DO release the shot is 120 ms, which is about 20 times more than the lock-time of an average rifle. This suggests two things:
- Making huge efforts to reduce the lock time with 1-2 ms is not too effective.
- Doing follow through is damned very όber mega effective.
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