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Originally Posted by Lavant_Lad View Post
Maybe Ive missed something here but, are your Scopes the same height C to C above the barrels ?
The problem is between 2 completely different sets of clicks when 2 people are using the same rifle shooting at the same distance.

To the OP, when you are both shooting, is your primary zero in the same place for both of you on the turret?
i.e. if the 0 on your turret should be for 35 yards, is it for you both? If your start point for counting clicks is different to begin with, then everything else will be off as well.

Can you both sit and shoot at 55 yards? One of you sets the rifle so that it is shooting correctly at the distance.
Shoot 5 shots, change nothing, pass to other shooter who again shoots 5 and see what happens? Do it off the bench as well to rule of position etc as well.

As has been asked I think, once the px has been set for a given distance, is it properly clear for both of you, of does it need changing to bring back into focus?
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