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Originally Posted by Willbe View Post
Is a 2007 big nikko so nominally 1/8th clicks (calculated to 8.673 clks/Moa). He shot at paper to find his clicks for ranges between 15-55yards, shot the course and completed a 30 shot course dropping maybe 2 or 3 tops. Guns refilled and tea drunk before reshooting the course. a couple lanes in it had become apparent my shots where landing high, typicly 1/2 a kill above kill, at which point I too shot at paper, finding all his clicks going high for me and reshooting at ranges to find my clicks. I have now found them but they look very flat in comparison, almost infeasably so. Nothing on the gun or scope has been changed between shooters, being shot by is both in the same conditions and settings.
Try it from shot to shot. Get him to shoot 55yds one - two shots, then you. Otherwise other things could be happening... simply handing the rifle back and forth within a few shots will be able to show if it's shooting 1.5 MOA higher/lower at 55 or not.
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