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Cool Nefta Team - Inter Regionals 2012

Thought i'd start this thread off considering that there are now only 2 winter league shoots to go in Nefta and so its coming close to knowing who may make up the Inter-Regional team.
After doing some math looking at the results after yesterday's shoot at Redfearns, here is the placing of shooters with their worse 2 results dropped (these can include missed shoots and 3's where you failed to hand in your card):

1. Andy Calpin 693
2. Ian Taylor 669
3. Dave Semmens 656
4. John Lee 656
5. Neil Hague 653
6. John Costello 652
7. Rick Mintoft 652
8. Mark Stenton 651
9. Dave Tomlinson 649
10. Keith Gilyard 648
11. Mark Fisher 639
12. Paul Lawrence 631
13. Fred Stanbridge 626
14. Chris Ascough 624
15. Chris Semmens 623

16. Frank Saynor 621
17. Adam Lees 618
18. Dan Madeley 618
19. Wayne Wood 616
20. Mike Dalton 614

A few interesting facts about this list:
The average % per counting shoot of all top 15 shooters is 92.59% per shoot. The top 10 shooters themselves individually each average over 92% in their counting shoots. The current 15th place average is exactly 89% a shoot.

I think that goes to show how competitive it has been this year and how difficult it is to qualify, and we're not even done yet. Oh and one more thing..

Of the top 15, 3 shooters (Rick Mintoft, Paul Lawrence and Fred Stanbridge) are in A grade.

I'll keep this thread updated after each of the last two shoots. Comment/discuss as you wish.

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