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Originally Posted by Willbe View Post
Know i'm going to get told off for thinking about things too much but its f**king bugging me....

My Anschutz2002/Nikko, Cannot seem to get on with it, a mate has it for a couple weeks and can get it to group dead on. We take it and my pro target to a club shoot, him shooting the annie, me the PT, again fine, in fact he only drops 2. We then go round the course again, me shooting with the annie him his ripper, everything lands high, very high, with the same settings he's just hit everything with, ok back to the plinking range and out with the boards;

JSB Exact 8.44gn @ 780fps
Range Yds Calculated Clks Mates Clks My Clks
10 71 -- 40
15 22 20 --
20 4 5 6
25 0 0 0
30 2 0 0
35 9 10 5
40 18 23 8
45 30 26 15
50 44 35 31
55 59 50 40

When I can i'll reshoot a course with these settings and it may work. Just seems utterly bizzare that all 3 sets of settings should be radicaly different as these settings are as far as I see it a relationship between rifle/pellet/scope. We did discuss this and yes this sort of thing is known to happen when one shooter shoots a rifle and another shoots the same rifle, I accept this, but what troubles me is why this should be? Is it an indication of something i'm missing? or should I not worry about it so much, stop thinking like an engineer and just shoot the bloody thing?

Thanks all
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