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the batch was 500 08 / 01 but I know they're fine as I lose very few when weighing, they also shoot fantastically through the MK4. I was tempted to try running it slower as well. In the MK4 I get an average 7mm flatter vs 4.52's with the MK4.... I put 30 4.52s through a cloverleaf pattern at 35 yards then went back to mossies and got flyers again.

I am sure it's the pellet this time rather than driver error as I'd need to move my LOS across until the scope whites out to view some of the flyers. I'd be interested to see how winding yours down affects things Rob.

I'm just glad it seems to like the 4.52's which I have a few tins of left... herding cats is about right ;-)
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