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not much in it might lose 5-6 clicks at 55 yds, but it's probably only going to put a click per every 5 yds across the range in that example anyway...

in fact, with exacts i've found them to sometimes fly quite close to the mozzies and take similar amounts of wind. I didn't realise a year or so ago that i was running at 10.6-8 ft-lb with the mozzies, i'd assumed they'd pick up to a higher speed to make up for their weight... in fact they were barely running 15fps faster. It's something you need to be aware of if you drop back down... if you've wound up to close to 12 with the mozzies, you might find your over with others...

sizing can help with the flyers... ymmv... but sizing also drops speed, so watch that limit on unsized.

i'm going to have a play with running mozzies slower, as i have a sneaky suspicion they like life better sub 800 out of the walther.

i'm playing with superfields at the moment... but i'm finding i'm really having to concentrate with all ammo to stop the flyers happening (it's not always them or the rig)...i've just noticed that if i look at the thin x-hairs i lose their position on launch, but if i look at the thicker part of the 30-30 then i can control it much better on take off. Seems to happen more on paper as well.

haven't done a definitive test yet, so can't comment further, but i wouldn't throw the superfields out of an equation... although they seemed to take the same average wind as the mozzies they didn't seem to vary from it as much... however i want to look into that further as it could be the zero just moving... and anyway, i've got 50k mozzies to blow, so i'm not going to be changing for a week or two.

whatever works, get loads of, stick to it, and learn it... i had fun and games just dialing out my crossover and the 1/2" shift took me a good few shoots to get comfortable with... so changing pellets could take a little settling in time.

about a year ago we were playing with different batches of mozzies and JSB exacts... and a 2 year old batch of AA fields came out top... and we all know how many people complain about dinked skirts on them...!

aiguns+pellets+long range+wind+human... it's like herding cats
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