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Default Lock-time measuring, please help me

I'm doing a little test series to see the lock-time of different rifle types.

The measuring is very short and simple, you shoot 2-3 at a target at 15 yards, while I'm recording this with a microphone.

From the sound file then I can see the total time very precisely. From your pellet type and velocity we know the time what the pellet flies between the muzzle and target, and from the distance we know how much time is while the sound comes back to the microphone. So from all of these I can calculate the time from releasing of trigger to the moment when the pellet leaves the rifle.

If you would like to know your rifle's lock time or just want to help me to build an overall information base, especially if you have got a not too common type of rifle, please find me at the zero range during the first session tomorrow morning. PCP and springer rifles both are welcome. I'll publish the results here in the STB forum.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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