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AA S400 x 4
AA S410 x 1
AA Protarget x1
AA Tx200 x 2
AA Tx200 HC x 3
AA Prosport x4
AA S200Mk1 x 1
BSA Scorpion x 1
BSA Hornet x 1
BSA XL tactical x 3
Daystate X2r x1
Daystate Mk3 FTR x 2
Daystate Air Ranger x 1
Weihrauch HW97k x 4

Think that's about the HFT rifles.


Bushnell 3200 elite 10x40
Bushnell 3200 elite 5-15x40 varmint ret
Bushnell Legend x 2
Bushnell Trophy 3-9x40
Bushnell Sportsman 4-12x40
Bushnell Sportsman 3-9x40
Leupold Vx1 3-9x40
MTC Viper 3-12x44 x 5
MTC Viper 10x44 x4
MTC Mamba 3-12 x44
Simmons 44mag 4-12x42
Simmons Atec
Hawke Sidewinder
Hawke Map 2-7x32
Hawke Map 6x40
Ags Viper 3-9x40
Ags Viper 3-9x50
Leapers 6-36x50
I think that's about the HFT scopes.


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