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Default Optimum zero for HFT ?

Been having a play in the garden for the last 2 days with a couple of different zero ranges out of curiousity & to see if I could gain any advantage with the range on 25mm targets going to 40 yds.
Normally I use a 25 yard zero on x 10mag, since picking up an SR 6 & hearing a couple of people saying they use a 40 yd zero with them, I thought I'd try it, as on chairgun it did make sence with the SR ret.
So filled up & spent a whole MK3 cylinder on the 40 yd zero. 11 ftlbs or just under, COLD, no wind, looked good from initial testing, so I played with 8x mag, again, ok for paper untill I stuck out some 25mm bulls, then tried a few things, mainly 30 to 40 yds to see what aim points I could squeeze in trying to shoot cross hair centre of kill, not much margin for error really TBH on a 25mm !
Then today I tried the same but with a 35 yd zero, again out in the cold, 200 bar fill right till it dropped off reg. Same conclusion, & although I can see why a 35 yd zero works well on certain courses, the same with 40 I also came to the conclusion in the end that there is no optimum range to zero at really, it depends on what you get used to & practice on & the good old MK 1 eyeball

& after all that testing, I found that the scope wasn't centered & I was getting a bit of cross-over, mounts weren't tight
So, I am going to try a 35yd zero for a couple of shoots to see if I can get used to it, if that fails it will be back to my trusty 25 yd.

Anyone else tried a change before the UK's start again ?

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