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Default Re the dreaded EFP..

Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Hi Robert,

We can't get the EFP in the UK. They will only issue it for firearms, not air rifles.
Maybe this should be a new thread as I dont want to Hi jack the French open. I wish them every success with the competition . I am sure thier is a Shed load of British shooter's would want to go if they can get the guns in and out easily.

With ever more fantastic shoots becoming available io British shooter's in Europe the whole issue of an EFP needs to be either

1. Put in place for air rifles.
(How do British 10 metre shooter's et al get thier equipement into European countries surely the NSRA should be able to help us on this issue.)

2.Circumvent the EFP .( Can we Not courier a quantity of rifles out to an address in the respective Country and have them courierd back to one address in the UK.)

Just to give a bit of further background information to the issue of EFP s, in 1996 I asked DC Constabulary for one to go to Poland by car ,I got as far as the Chief Constable with no success( total idiots).

I then approached the Home Office who redirected me to the Dept of Trade and Industry . You wont believe this but they wanted to give me an Import, Export licence for Exhibition purposes due to John shooting in the World Championships. We just got a flight .
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