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Originally Posted by Steve Bowers View Post
I do know that the show is open both Saturday and Sunday but some people still work Saturdays .Add to that some people do have wife's and girl friend's and to spend the whole weekend on shooting may not sit too well with them.

It may be too late to change now ( you don't know if you don't try !!! ) But it would be good to keep it in mind next year!!

Am I the only one who think's this or do the rest of the shooters just follow NEFTA's lead like sheep !!!

Have you contacted a NEFTA official to ask if it could be changed as sticking a post on here & hoping someone will see it isn't the best way.

The NEFTA officials try their best to avoid any clashes but sometimes it happens, maybe if you pass this clash onto your clubs NEFTA rep he can ask at next years Winter League meeting that they leave this date free.

It's also worth checking for any clashes when the dates are first published
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