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Originally Posted by RobF View Post

Is there a temporary permit if english shooters could attend?


No Rob in France it's impossible due to the law.

you require a European Firearms Pass.
you should write to the Firearms Licensing Department not less than 10 working days before your date of departure.
There is no fee for this service.

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Friday and saturday?
Yes NJR friday and saturday Thursday is a holiday in France and so many French people take the opportunity to take leave.

Originally Posted by Gerry View Post
Simon !

Look on the bright side , when you win the French Open , the prestige will be greater than a place down the order in a SWEFTA shoot ...

Yes Gerry, especially in France all FT shooters are beginners, but there will be some few Italians, Belgium and Spanish who will defend their honor.

In France the FT is a reality since 1yr 1/2 only. There are very few shooters.
We try to make known this sport to a large number of French shooters, and especially to we officially be recognize by the French shooting federation.

this Open is for us a good way for that


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