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Originally Posted by BIGGS"N"WIFE View Post
Absolutly gutted to have missed this shoot but after 3 hours of shoveling snow from our driveway and making a path driveable on our road we had to quit as Bruce had his "help a neighbour" head on and started clearing a route out for all the oldies!!!
He even went up the road with his shovel to the B & B to help an old man whose car was inches away from smacking itself up against a skip.

I know the road's were clear.... we could see it!!!! but we couldn't get to the nice clear road!!!

Well done on winning Jon, it would have been nice to catch up with you , and a huge well done to Terry!!! Third!!!! Excellent shooting mate, I know that wasn't an easy course.

The good news is we now have a massive igloo in my front garden and Anthony has a new home.

One lot of neighbours brought round for Bruce a pack of beers to say thankyou,and I have met the neighbours who live 2 doors up and we have never spoken in 6 years and it was great fun.
We played snow cricket, snowball fights with Ant's mates , made a huge ice run for skidding and most of all had the best fun in bloody ages!!!

See you all soon

Andrea, Mr Helpfull and "i'm not coming out of my igloo till summer" Ant xxx
The M1 wants clearing if he's still in the mood
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