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That's just my take on it. But then I can lose my numbers. But then I know a couple who have had loose turrets...

Yes, as Rich says, you do need to make certain it's not scope shift. But I do like you, range a target first before even firing a shot. It does mean thought that I like to know something is 55 on the plinking range. But knowing my scope more I know when it's likely to be it, and when it's not.

But I think the change in environment seems to play far more weight than pellets being driven up or down by breeze... at Meon, I brought the targets in and there was a predominant low shift, even in the 40's people were going in low. My scope under ranges as heat increases, if others are the same then it would suggest environment is at play. I had the kestrel out and saw it drop from 600 to 1000 ft below... those that got on the course early seemed to be the ones that suffered as I saw a corresponding drop while I ran the stats.
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